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SA Penalties for late SA refund cases in 2011 - am I correct?

SA Penalties for late SA refund cases in 2011 -...

Some Pensioners with multiple sources, as well as most departing employee-emigrants, those with a P45 [or two P45s], those with Discr. Trust income, and those with two or three separate employments are just some of the categories where S.A. may produce a 2009 tax refund, being excess tax deducted under PAYE and tax deducted at source.

In the current environment the penalty for a February 2010 tax return [for the 2009 return] submission is NIL.

There is no interest charge, and no surcharges!

Am I right in saying that, in 2011, there will be a £100 penalty, if you are late in your submission, i.e. for all SA tax returns submitted on 02.02.2011?


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By Supotco
22nd Jul 2009 11:11

hmm, not entirely clear
BN90 says that a penalty of £100 will be due if the return is filed late whether or not the tax is paid, which will reduce the possibility of estimating a client's liability then getting them to pay that by 31/1 and doing the return later. It isn't clear on what will happen if no tax is actually due.

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