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SA refunds to agents

SA refunds to agents

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I think I have seen something about this before on AWeb pages but cannot locate it.

We filed an SA100 return online, giving rise to a refund.  The SA100 specifies our client account to receive the refund.

But the refund went direct to the taxpayer.  Not because our authority had been revoked, but because the last payment was made by a card in taxpayer's name and (apparently) new rules mean that repayment to that card takes priority.

Is this familiar to all y'all, and is there any way of forcing the payment to agent to override a refund to card?


With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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By cheekychappy
29th Feb 2016 12:28

Seems to be a relatively new policy adopted at HMRC towers.

Nothing you can do but ask your client to pay you. There's no way to override it as far as I'm aware.

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By Duggimon
29th Feb 2016 12:36

It's a measure

adopted, IIRC, to help reduce the potential for identity theft resulting in fraudulent repayment claims being made in victims' names. A nuisance in normal circumstances but there's not much can be done about it.

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By DSP Financial Management
29th Feb 2016 14:07

Using the same Debit card more than once for SA

This is relative to the post, and to identity, and to card processing, I believe.

There is a particularly "wooly" statement regarding multiple or stage payments for individuals who do not have the necessary cashflows to settle their balancing charge in a Single transaction. 


"There is not a set limit, it depends on HMRC's view of what's reasonable, based on card industry standards and guidance"

After that statement, "they say that there are multiple card payment rules when settlements are made for the same category of tax.

Q. There may be no answers to this.

What is reasonable ? And why preclude an individual from making several weekly debit card payments in January?

A typical scenario being:

A BC could be paid mid January, and 1st POA on 31st January.


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By birdman
01st Mar 2016 12:06

Repayments to card

Apparently it's because of "banking rules" that repayments are made to the card from which they were paid. Bit like shop purchases, which is clearly what the rules were devised for.

Other potential problems to be anticipated will include - payments made by other family members/friends/divorced spouses etc etc.

It only happens where a payment was made by card in the (7 - I think) months before the repayment.

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By mikegabb
01st Mar 2016 13:19


I have recently phoned the Agent Helpline and asked them not to make a repayment at all, which they were happy to do. This was because the client wanted to keep the money on account for his next payment.

I guess having done this you could then go on to the account and request a repayment to a nominated bank account?


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