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SA return for ceased partnership

SA return shows as received but not submitted

My clients' partnership ceased two years ago and HMRC were duly notified along with the final accounts.  A partnership SA return was issued to be completed so I filled in a nil return and left plenty of explanation in the white space and I asked for no further returns to be issued.  Another partnership SA return was issued again for this year.  Decided this time to actually try and speak to somebody at HMRC to get this withdrawn.  I spoke to a charming young man (it was much easier than I expected) and he assured me it would be withdrawn.  No further communication has been received from HMRC and on checking their records, discover that it has now been marked "Received" with the date shown as the date of our telephone conversation.  Is this the usual tack or what are the odds of receiving another return for 2017/18?


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08th Nov 2017 11:10

That's the usual treatment when they withdraw the requirement to file.

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08th Nov 2017 13:18

Happens all the time nothing unusual.

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