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Does anyone know if the one day concession is in place this year or whether it has been axed by HMRC.

In the past returns filed on 1/2 were treated as late but no penalty. Hoping its the same.

Any help appreciated.

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By courty61
28th Jan 2013 16:03

I doubt it, unless the Revenue's computer system messes up again

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By young ronaldo
28th Jan 2013 17:01

In previous years i think 1st Feb was OK due to Steeden vs Carver. However that went by the wayside for 2010/11 i believe:

2010/11 we got lucky due to HMRC gateway not coping i think. Unless similar things happen this year i think we have to work to midnight on Thursday. 

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By Ned Ludd
28th Jan 2013 17:09

oh god!!

cheers young ronaldo.

much appreciated


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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
29th Jan 2013 12:23

Thanks from us, too, young Ronaldo

This was one I actually knew the answer to - thanks to enlightenment from Rebecca Benneyworth.

Even though you were the herald of bad news for Ned, I'm pleased to see the report has been useful.

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By StevieG
30th Jan 2013 11:57

SA returns filed Feb 1st

Blame the snow !!

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By philfromleeds
30th Jan 2013 12:24

SA returns filed Feb 1

I do no know. I think the history of this started when we lodged paper returns up tp 31/01 and the Revenue said put it in the letter box up to mid-night, but by the way we do not open it till 7am on the first of Feb. Then the Revenue said if the 31 Jan was a Saturday we wont be opening the letter box until Monday and so on. We all knew that when they received the paper returns there would be loads that were not processed until a few weeks later.

What I would like to know is have the Revenue changed there policy on a totally provisional estimate of an account?

Will they now accept a return which is essentially a guess to be amended later?

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By euanjohn
30th Jan 2013 13:18

31 January

I think the worst problem is the delay by HMRC in processing 64-8's - at least a month, and they say that this does not constitute a reasonable excuse for failure to file on time, even if all tax is paid by the due date!

This is a scam.  Just tell your staff to slow down what should be a very easy job of updating a straightforward database, and watch the £100 penalties roll in.

I feel a letter to George Osborne coming on, much along the lines of that much publicised one to Virgin Airways some time ago...................................

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By markgosling
30th Jan 2013 13:49


I always used to send a paper 64- 8 to HMRC as I did not want to rely on client having to send me authorisation code if it was done online.

However as HMRC are now taking so long to process paper 64-8s I have recently started to do them online. The responce time is much quicker.

I wonder if they do this on purpose to encourage us to do it online?


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By possep
30th Jan 2013 21:33

No grace

It was scrapped with S/A introduction I believe as electronic filing meant a paper return would be invalid for a bit of leeway whichever of those 2 dates was applicable.


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By coolmanwithbeard
31st Jan 2013 08:39


While I agree with the comments above on 64-8 etc you don't actually need to be registered as agent to file an SA return.  In these cases my software gets an appropriate response so I know it's been accepted  and I get an email confirmation but that's it



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