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SA302s / Tax Calculation and Tax Year Overviews

SA302s / Tax Calculation and Tax Year Overviews

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Bit more of a rant than just a question...

So I have had a client excitedly telling me that their mortgage broker says that we can now produce a "Tax Calculation and Tax Year Overview" rather than getting the SA302s sent out by HMRC.

I was sceptical as I'd been on the thread here a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, HMRC's pdf of instructions that the advisor had sent via the client didn't work, as we (along with I suspect many fellow agents) don't use the HMRC software to file returns. So, we are sitll phoning HMRC for the damned 302s. I must admit I took a guilty pleasure in sending the client (and the advisor) a reply pointing this out in a 'welcome to my world' style.

As this is Any Answers, here are some questions:

- How long before HMRC notice that their wonderful new wheeze, agreed with the lenders, isn't making the dent in the demands on HMRC call staff for SA302s that they have no doubt predicted?

- How many fellow practitioners out there do regularly use the HMRC software?

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By Tim Vane
17th Mar 2015 22:50

I use commercial software and the Tax Year Overview is available as a link in the agent portal when I look at the client details, at the bottom of the "Your current client" page.

I think the idea is that the SA302 printout from the commercial software provides the calculation while the Tax Year Overview confirms that this is what HMRC have received. You just need to ensure that the UTR and name are shown clearly on the SA302 printout (my software does this OK).

Of course, the proof is in the eating and I haven't actually needed to provide these to a lender yet, but supposedly HMRC have agreed this process with the lenders council.

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By Jacqui Brennan
17th Mar 2015 23:57

It is possible ...

or is was the last time I looked in mid January.  The pages were Beta so could well have changed.

Within the agent client portal there is (was) a link in the client specific data area named "View Annual tax summary".  However, using the link opened a different web page (outside of the agent portal) but did provide specific details for the individual client.

The new webpage does allow you to access differnt pages that show the annual total of each source of income, but there is (was) no facility to access a viable single page SA302 document. I had used the facility because a client needed the data for a mortgage provider.  I saved each page to Pdf and passed the bundle of pages to the client.  My understanding is that the mortage adviser was happy with the information.

Hope this is useful.


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Should Be Working ... not playing with the car
By should_be_working
18th Mar 2015 10:38


Thanks to Tim and Jacqui - these are different methods to the direction we've been pointed in before, but I'll try it next time.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
18th Mar 2015 10:53


I've just tried a test on my own tax return submitted by Taxcalc.

As you say its a Beta/trial and again as you say doesnt print out in the usual SA302 format.

I had to get a SA302 yesterday for a client's mortgage provider who wanted it by yesterday.

They wouldnt accept an accountants certificate.

I rang HMRC and they said by post it would take 2 weeks.

I begged and said that I usually get SA302's sent by fax. It arrived the next morning.

I wished I'd known about this facility as it would have saved me time and trouble - only of course if the provider accepted the pages which, obviously, I didnt ask.

Taxcalc has a 'button' headed SA302 but I would presume the resulting print out is no good to send to a lender as its not got HMRC splattered all over it.

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By Jeffre
18th Mar 2015 12:46

Annual Tax Summary

Have you noticed that HMRC are trailing annual  tax Summary on the agents web site.

May be Loan advisors may start to accept these


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By chatman
15th Oct 2015 16:28

Annual Tax Summary and Tax Year Overview

I think there is some confusion over the Annual Tax Summary and the Tax Year Overview: the first can be accessed from the client summary page; the second has to accessed from each individual tax year.

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