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SA400, SA40 and SA402

SA400, SA40 and SA402

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Is it just me but despite having acrobat reader 9.4 installed on my machine I can not open any of the above documents but get a message to the effect that I am using an old version of adobe acrobat reader.

I also note that the new CWF1 has to be completed on the screen and if you print out a blank version the boxes become merged.  Has someone at HMRC got too much time on his or her hands convertiong all these forms?

As much as I like to do forms on line all of these have to be printed out to be signed and sent in.  Am I alone in taking blank forms when meeting a prospective client?

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By LisaDeering
03rd Nov 2010 09:40

Adobe 9.4 but...

You may have Adobe 9.4 reader installed but your browser may be directed to an earlier version.

I had similar problems which I traced to having a full Adobe 7 installed and this is what my browser was using to open pdfs.

I think the reason for non printing blank forms is to reduce the number of forms being sent in with "vital" boxes not completed. Especially the new tick boxes.

Or it could just be that the programmer thinks only the client accesses forms like this.

My main niggle has been that the recent change has meant i cannot use other PDF readers such as Foxit which are much quicker and less intrusive than Adobe Reader. Abode Reader does far too much reporting back to base and taking up space and time with update checking and downloading.

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By pauljohnston
03rd Nov 2010 15:00

Thanks Lisa

I too use Foxit...  Seems HMRC are still not intouch with agents!

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Rebecca Benneyworth profile image
By Rebecca Benneyworth
04th Nov 2010 09:43

Raised in our Working Together group

I just thought I would let you know that a version of this query has been raised in our Working Together group and I have submitted a query to HMRC to get some feedback. If you are not already members you will need to join to view the discussions.

Thanks for raising it.

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