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SA800 software

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Does anyone know if Sage allow you to submit SA800 online? I've recently got the Sage Accounting cloud software which has free Final Accounts, Personal Tax and Corporation Tax subscriptions but I can't find anything for Partnership tax returns.

If not, can anyone recommend a cheap or free SA800 software?
If it's at a cost (which I'm guessing it will be), something that only charges as I add a client would be best


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By jndavs
18th May 2022 22:58

Never used it myself but I have received recommendations for

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By Latecomercamefirst
18th May 2022 23:44


I used their software for a non-resident client and they were very helpful. They offer PAYG type subscription.

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By DKB-Sheffield
19th May 2022 01:10

Topup Tax (Absolute).

£5+ VAT per return (inc. SA800). Minimum purchase of 5 returns though, and they're Tax Year specific (i.e. buy 5 returns now and if you don't use them all by March 2023, you'll lose what you don't use). Still, even at £25 for one return, it's cheap enough.

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By Geoff56
19th May 2022 09:27

Ftax are similarly priced: five SA800s for £25 + VAT. You cannot buy them singly though.

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By TessaW
19th May 2022 10:43

Andica software is cheap for one-offs. I haven't tried the partnership software but other software works fine but you needed to know how to fill in a manual return - it is basic with limited help. I found email help useful though.

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