Saas - a service or a product ?

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Could someone point me towards the right information regarding Saas revenue recognition for a small company (audited though) as I could see little relevant information in FRS102. Do we account based on "product" delivery or service % of completion ? Thanks, (do not forget to enjoy your festive break !)

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By jcace
30th Dec 2023 16:37

It will depend very much on the service you provide and the terms under which it is provided.

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Replying to jcace:
By FactChecker
30th Dec 2023 17:19

Yup, so much time ... so little info.

Terms to consider will cover delivery, usage, payment, cancellation, renewal and much more.
Start with the facts and work out what's actually being delivered by the 'service' (which may include loads of things that are not the 'core' software component - such as maintenance/upgrades, backups/recovery, utility charges - and are recognised differently).

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