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Saas business on Xero

what stack/apps are used

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started to work a SaaS business about to move to  Xero - and looking to shortcut [ client time-poor & never looked at integrations for benefits] reviews etc so kindly what are the current views on STACK apps being used by Users in a  similar style SaaS business 

ie xero + app1 + app2 etc   [ deferred rev&BalSheet cals + rev stats /  budgeting/cashflow etc  etc ]

happy for response pm/offline if you are not happy to directly comment on specific apps..


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By ShayaG
12th Oct 2018 13:05

If you are a high volume / low value platform, I strongly suggest you work with your developers to use Xero's APIs for your sales ledger. In terms of reporting key SaaS statistics (churn, subscribers, revenue / subscriber etc.) the usual suspects (Spotlight / Futurli) would probably have a role, but I would go for Xero + Excel personally.

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