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Sage 200 creditors control and ledger disagrees

Sage 200 creditors control and ledger disagrees at month end

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Has anybody got any experience of Sage 200 accounting and can help with the following;

At month end,   we run the TB and this gives the creditors control balance -  simple stuff. 

However,  when we run the creditors ledger,   it never agrees to the TB.

For those that know the system,  we have also ticked the retrospective button.   The dates are the same,   etc ,   in fact  a whole team has looked at this including the FD. 

No entries are being made to the control account -  this is locked by user access so no ledger clerk can post by mistake when doing journals for example. 

When we ask our support  -  they say its 'normal' !    which we don't think is an acceptable answer.

I dont' really see that this is 'normal'  when any other system that I have used ,   they always agree.


I can run it during the month and it agrees,  which is even more confusing.    The company I am with on a contract have said this has been an ongoing issue since the implementation and cannot resolve it with their support people,  who come up with various try this and try that. 

We must be missing something,  not doing something,  not updating somewhere.    Am familiar with lots of systems and have not seen this before. 

Any ideas ?  





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03rd May 2018 17:42

You use the aged creditors report. This should balance with creditors control, if not it should be fairly simple to find any difference by drilling down into the creditors control account.

If i remember correctly when you are doing month end you have to tell all the clerks to stop posting, while you pull off your reports.

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04th May 2018 11:28

Only thing I can think of is a payment on account is posted after the month and then when it is allocated later it is somehow matched against the invoices on an earlier date than the payment.

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By tom123
04th May 2018 13:36

If it agrees during the month, then I would be looking for future transactions that have been allocated etc.

Such as a date in 2099 or something.

Presumably you have run all the check data functions.

I use Sage 200 - PM me if you want.

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04th May 2018 14:01

After a few runs in the test company that we have, we have narrowed it down to something to do with bank payments and how they are processed before and after a period shut.

Its definitely not the creditors control account being messed about with or cut offs. Future periods are closed so that's not the issue.

However, we found that (after running a few tests of all the jobs we do) a bank payment is posted before the month end, but to come out after the month end, ie , period is closed in between the two transactions - this is somehow leaving the payment in a suspense for creditors control causing the difference.

We have now got to go back and see where it is and what to do about it every month. Its not possible to stop payments at month end as the volume of purchase ledger is immense.

Thank you for your inputs.

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By tom123
to FCExtraordinaire
04th May 2018 15:01

The date of the transaction describes what period it is in.

So, a transaction dated in early May, if May is not open, will sit in deferred transactions until you open the period.

Well done for finding it. Surprised your support guys could not.

Do you use the deferred posting options, or have everything posting live? (which is my preference).

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By tom123
04th May 2018 15:04

You should be able to identify transactions posted (for example) in April, but posted in Period 5, or something along those lines.

I really love Sage 200, but do find that I need to have a lot of ODBC queries etc to enable me to really dig into the data to find this stuff.

Do you need to go back and do anything about previous periods - or could you not just carry on from here and know what to look at in future months?

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to tom123
04th May 2018 15:16

I generally love Sage too , having used alot of their products.

It seem that if we are working across a month end/period end the next period has to be open, which to me, doesn't seem a very good control procedure, to stop the ledger clerks posting into the next period. If I find a spectacular answer I will post it here.

Thanks for your help.

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04th May 2018 15:14

If you reconcile at a point in time (other than month end) do things balance (taking account of deferred nominal postings if necessary)? If they do then as Paul Hawes suggests the most likely cause of the month end problem is an allocation being dated in the current month, but one or more of the transactions in the allocation being dated in a future month.

If you're not on the latest version of Sage 200 and have someone able to help you who is familiar with querying SQL Server, then I can send you a query that will pick out transactions that need reviewing for this allocation date problem.

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10th May 2018 10:40

I have come across this in Line 50. In my case the difference related to supplier invoice being posted wrongly eg. Invoice dated 13/11/16 being posted as 13/11/17 whilst the payment received is correctly posted as say 28/1/17.

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