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Sage 200 Vat Codes for EC purchases

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With MTD upon us I am trying to make my Sage 200 VAT Return correct so that no manual adjustments need to be made. At the moment EC purchases are classed with a T8 code and 0%. This makes box 9 correct but not boxes 2,3 or 4, which was fine before as they were fixed before procesing the VAT Return.  When I change the rate to 20%, all the VAT Return boxes are correct but it adds 20% VAT to my invoice, which obviously is not correct.

What am I missing?  Is there a checkbox that I have not ticked?  Sage 50 allows me to add the 20% to the VAT Return and not the invoice.  How do I make Sage 200 correct?


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By jonathan.kempson
24th May 2019 15:34

If you mean reverse charge VAT purchases, then when setting up the VAT rate choose "reverse charge purchases" from the EC terms dropdown and set the VAT rate to 20%. If you mean purchases of goods from other EC countries, then choose "purchases goods & related services" from the EC terms dropdown and set the VAT rate to 0%.

Just to note that if you enter a purchase invoice and set the VAT rate to one that is for reverse charge purchases, then Sage will show the additional 20% in the gross value of the invoice - despite this the net amount will be posted to purchase ledger.

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