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Sage 2009 installation problems new computers

Sage 2009 installation problems new computers

Client has just bought new computers. He uses Sage 2009 Line 50. He has installed this on his server - Windows 7 prof 64 bit. Cannot load onto the other computers which are small business server 2011. Has tried downloading patches from website. No joy.

Sage say product is no longer supported. Goodbye.

Can anyone out there help? John - where are you!!!


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By occca
08th May 2012 16:45

More details needed

What error messages does he get, etc?

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08th May 2012 17:10

Good heavens - Sage have bent over backwards for me!!

Occa - it wasn't easy to pin down exactly what was happening, but when I rang Sage to complain about the way the client had been treated and to see how much it would cost to upgrade to the latest program a charming man from Sage - Stuart McPherson - offered to call the client and talk them through the updates.

He has just called me to tell me all is now OK, and they hadn't downloaded all the updates they needed (I know how difficult it is to find things on the Sage website so can't blame the client for that).

So Stuart McPherson is my man of the moment!

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