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Sage 2202 VAT Liability

The external accountant has put a journal to adjust code 2202 in sage for the year end

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So my question is surely sage won’t pick this up on the VAT return? The accountant has put it in 2202 saying we owe this amount.

If I put a manually adjustment on the VAT return is this the best way to account for it or should it have been posted to 2201

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By SXGuy
21st Mar 2019 06:46

Ask your accountant? We can't 2nd guess why he's does what he does.

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By Cheshire
21st Mar 2019 07:50

Agree you need to get specifics from your accountant to understand the other half of the transaction, sales under claim or purchases overclaim.

What he/she has done, alone, will not pick up on the vat return.

Ideally a t1 journal entry to the control account is required., other a to.

When you run the vat it will move it, as usual, to the vat payable account.

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21st Mar 2019 11:15

It could be for after date transactions so it could be possible that it has already been dealt with. Definitely best to ask your accountant and it'll most likely be a quick and easy response for them.

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