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Sage 50 Accounts (Desktop) and Paypal integration?

What app to recommend to make Paypal transactions simpler?

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We have a client who uses Sage Line 50 Desktop and doesn't wish to change software (although would probably change to the Cloud version if needed).

All the sales are paid via Paypal, either Paypal itself or debit and credit card payments via the Paypal merchant platform.

At the moment they are manually allocating receipts in Paypal against sales invoices in Sage and having to post the merchant charge to gross up the sales receipt etc.

Can anyone recommend an app or addon that makes this process more straightforward and time effective please?


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Chris Downing
By Chris Downing
04th Aug 2020 12:54

Hi, have you checked out the auto allocation and pay now integration with Paypal and Stripe for Sage50?

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Replying to Chris Downing:
By DavidWatson
05th Aug 2020 11:58

Chris Downing wrote:

Hi, have you checked out the auto allocation and pay now integration with Paypal and Stripe for Sage50?

Second vote for this Chris knows his stuff.

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By frankfx
04th Aug 2020 13:40

Surely all sales invoices are effectively settled as cash with order.. PayPal.
Meaning that only a proof in total reconciliation required.
What value is there in allocating monies to individual invoices.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Aug 2020 18:39

yuck, your client really should look at a better payment processor, paypal tends to be the "processor of last resort" due to their fees.

I cant speak for sage as we use modern accounting software if at all possible, but its usually just treated as a bank account and imported as such. The main issue are if paypal is being run as a multi currency and your software is not......

Or as noted above if its lots of small payment, you may be able to use it as a "day book" and just gross up the daily or weekly takings when transferred to the main business bank account. Depends what your client is doing.

NB moving from an ancient sage desktop product to cloud sage is such a move you may as well get something decent right away.

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