Sage 50 Acounts v30 - How many more versions?

How many more versions of Sage 50 Accounts will there be?

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This is more just to get some opinions rather than a question.

As you probably know, Sage have recently released version 30 of the Accounts desktop software.

It was on version 2.0 when I first started working in IT.

But seriously there can't be many more versions until they call it a day? 


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By Truthsayer
21st Feb 2024 12:19

It was a couple too many even when it was version 2.0.

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By Duggimon
21st Feb 2024 12:23

There isn't really anything else I know of that does what Sage 50 Accounts does, and given its persistently unexpectedly high market share, there are still people who want to do what it does.

I'm not one of them, I can do everything I want to do with other software less wilfully obtuse, but I can't deny that when a client has made a real mess of their records it's typically easier to see what they've done wrong in Sage than on any of the cloud systems, so it's got that going for it.

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By chrisbolton
21st Feb 2024 13:25

Not sure what version it was when I started in 97, in was on DOS though

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By bronnley
04th Apr 2024 21:02

I remember the DOS version, early '90s for me, I remember it also being known as 'Sage Sterling'

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John Toon
By John Toon
21st Feb 2024 14:10

I'm going with at least another 20 versions

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Replying to johnt27:
By FactChecker
21st Feb 2024 14:53

That's an awful long wait just to achieve 50/50 vision ~ finally!

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By tom123
21st Feb 2024 15:11

I think I was working on version 6 back in 2000, when I was doing my first proper "accountants" job - being the only person running the whole office of a bus company.

Although I never printed much out, you could get nice clear reports that you understood - thinks like nominal ledger listings, with audit trail numbers.

Something my current, very expensive, sector specific software is hopeless at.

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