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SAGE 50 Client Manager latest version and MTD for

SAGE 50 Client Manager latest version and MTD for VAT

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I use SAGE 50 Client Manager (latest verion) for bookkeeping for several clients. I pay a monthly subsciption for this so it's always the most up to date version and VAT Returns are submitted via the product.

I have read that this will not be MTD for VAT compliant although an 'add on' is avaiable at a cost.

Can anyone confirm the position and the associated costs.

I could of course call SAGE but i'm not confident that I will get the full picture (based on past experiance) although I have put in a request for a callback.

We have other clients on Xero but a desktop solution works well for some local to us who drop in the paperwork and have multiple credit notes etc (terrible to deal with in Xero) and CIS, retentions etc to deal with (SAGE is linked to Autoentry). 

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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By admal
25th Sep 2018 10:33

Yes - Ive heard there will be a monthly fee (£35pm has been mooted to me) for the MTD add on....

Not the best strategy for outdated software that now has major competition!

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25th Sep 2018 19:55

Hi there
as a member of the Accountant Network using Cliemt Manager I can confirm that you are automatically provided with MTD compliant software. the latest version is already MTD ready.

Please message me and I will be happy to contact you to discuss further

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