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Sage 50 clients - options

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I have three clients using Sage 50 (desktop). They can produce Sage "backups" which can apparently only be used by a Sage installation. Sage quoted £32.99 pcm for Sage Client Manager which is way too expensive given all three gross me just over £3k a year.

I have hitherto extracted csv files from each of their Sage installations and integrated these into my in-house accounts package which works fine but was hoping to streamline using Sage software.

Do members here have any suggestions for alternatives or do I just keep on doing the csv extracts?

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By johndon68
15th May 2019 10:47

If your clients are sticking with Sage 50 and you aren't then CSV is your only option as you'll never be able to extract data from a Sage backup.


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By lionofludesch
15th May 2019 11:03

The alternative is for the clients to cover your software costs.

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By andy.partridge
15th May 2019 11:27

When you say that you extract the csv files, are you saying remotely, via something like Teamviewer or you physically go to the client's premises and work on their desktop?

If it is the latter, and assuming the client is reluctant to change software, I would say invest in a remote access set-up or train your client to supply the csv files.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
15th May 2019 11:35

Can you not use Sage Drive to access the data remotely

I never really managed to get it to work but I thought that was the idea behind it.

Failing that just tell the clients they need to pay £120 each as you wont cover the cost of the software.

I take it they dont want to go on Sage Business cloud.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
15th May 2019 16:10

We dial in remotely to the one client who's bookkeeper is so blind to using anything else they wont switch.

And am reminded how hideously poor the software is each any every time. Its like doing accounts in gloves and a blindfold whilst sitting on a stick.

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By bettybobbymeggie
15th May 2019 17:11

Thanks for the tips. The remote access is an option - possibly - although two of the three are faaaarmers so I doubt they leave their computers switched on for more that a few minutes a week.

Yes at the minute I get on my bike with my USB and collect the data that way. On the plus side it keeps you fit.

Can't agree more with the sentiments concerning what a steaming pile of poo Sage is which is why I am buggered if I am paying £400 a year when all I will do with the it is upload a backup and then csv it back into my own software.

Thanks again!

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