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We have Sage 50 Cloud Payroll fully updated installed on a PC. The user has now retired and the Payroll operations moved to an external provider. However we would still like to access the installed version for historical reasons.

I've been asked by the FD that if we stop paying for Payroll support from Sage, will the software continue to run. At the moment we get mandatory updates which must be installed to access Sage Payroll.

1. Will we still get Mantory Updates if support is cancelled.

2. Will Sage continue to run without support. I know it phones home to check licenses, so presume this could be an issue is support is cancelled.

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By FactChecker
04th Jun 2024 17:20

Although, on past performance, I wouldn't take any assurance from Sage as a guarantee (unless it's in writing and unequivocal) ... it is only from them that you can hope to get a faintly reliable answer.

FWIW based on the posts on here relating to Sage and the 'phone home to check license' farce, it seems certain that the default position would be: no support agreement in place = no flag set in their checker database = no access for you.
BUT that's not to say that a read-only (or some other reduced price) option is not technologically possible ... just that it would have to be endorsed and supplied by Sage.

I suspect that the key for you will depend on what lies behind the phrase "we would still like to access the installed version for historical reasons"?
Does that mean just view data, or run reports, or even re-process an old period?

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By rmillaree
04th Jun 2024 18:27

why would you need to acces the softweare going forward - can you not extract all the relevant info you might need to so access is not needed ?

you would have to check rules for that supplier

if you are lucky you might have access to the tax years you paid for perhaps - sage need to confirm the score here though.

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Replying to rmillaree:
By Moonbeam
05th Jun 2024 17:24

I agree with rmillaree that you need to extra all the information asap now, then you can cancel the subscription and job done.
It's expensive having to pay for a payroll product on the offchance you'll need reports on past years.

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