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Sage 50 Payroll - Part 1 Payment Summary Report

Sage 50 Payroll - Part 1 Payment Summary Report

We have Sage 50 Payroll version 19, could someone please adivse me on how to create a speciliest report that can do the folllowing:

A 'Part 1 Payment Summary' that separates out the following:

  • Payments
  • Deductions

The report at present groups these together unser Other Payments and Other Deductions.

Could someone please advise on how this can be done?



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By lmr
22nd Feb 2013 16:58

report designer

You'd need to edit the report in Sage Report Designer imo, then you already have the basis of a report to work from rather than starting from scratch.

You can choose the Payment Analysis box from the variables list to drag and drop the different types of payments /deductions that you want including. Plus don't forget the numbers it users to define the different pay/deds such as Rate1 Rate2 don't always relate to the numbers of the rates as they appear when you create them, but rather the allocation in Company/Custom Reports

Its not particularly easy to be honest if you're a novice, I don't find it very user friendly. I'd be more tempted to just use an existing analysis report in addition to the Payment Summary Part 1.

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25th Feb 2013 15:35

Agreed that Report Designer difficult to use

Unless you are going to make fairly minor adjustments to a copy of an existing Sage report, I would strongly agree with Imr. Many of these reports in any case are not well written, and you could waste hours of your time on the redesign.

If you do redesign or set up a new report, when Sage triumphantly sell you an upgrade all your purposemade and some of their reports could well revert to mush as a result of their awful programming.

It's happened to me and I'm still bitter and twisted about it.

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