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Sage 50 - switch from network to local and back again

Sage 50 - switch from network to local and back...

My client has a single company, three user version of Sage 50 V2010

He wants to be able to take data home at the weekend, by doing a backup and restoring it on the hard drive of his computer, (ie in COMPANY.000)

The difficulty is that his company file points to N:\ (a mapped network drive)

What I want to do is allow him to be able to start Sage pointing at either the netword drive or COMPANY.000

I could do this with a batch file I think, but is there another way?


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08th Nov 2010 18:22


The COMPANY files is the only think that tells Sage where it's data is so you would have to change it if the data is going to be in a different location when the laptop is in use at home. 

I usually just edit it as and when required but, in an instance like this, I'd probably use 2 batch files, once for 'work' and one for 'home' that could both put the relevant company file into place and execute Sage.


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