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Sage 50 to Xero using movemybooks

Ability to move data at a historic date

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Hi all, looking to pick the brains of someone who has used movemybooks

Basically I am helping out a charity, they have used Sage 50 and Sage payroll for years

It's a real shit show to be honest, the accountant is basically a data entry clerk.

No management accounts, no month end, no year end, no accruals, no prepayments, it boggles the mind how they have managed to survive so long.

Only if an invoice is exceeds the year end does amount or invoice gets allocated to prepayments.

They have asked me to help them move to Xero as they really do not need to be paying thousands a year on Sage for what they use it for.

Their year end is 31st August and want to move them asap, to help also show a comparison with their Sage set up.

The end of year balances do not even match the filed accounts as I have been provided the mapping file which the auditors apparently did, the changes that they did to get to the filed accounts has not even been done and this was for year ended 31st August 2018!!

Movemybooks offer two years of full transactional data moved for free.

Would like them to move two years to 31st Aug 2018 to match filed accounts, then happy to get the data in manually to get the accounts to date, I am very capable and know my way around Sage, Xero and Excel.

Plan is to then get all the journals, branding and reports set up and ready for the new accounts person to take over and help with the seamless transfer.

Would this be possible? (moving the accounts to a date 11 months ago)

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By Cloudcounter
29th Jul 2019 21:07

The obvious way to find out is to ask Movemybooks.

However, their offering seems based round converting the current plus previous year. You can add additional years to this for a very small charge and that seems to be the way forward

One tip - work through Sage looking for payments on account in the sales and purchase ledgers and allocate them to invoices wherever you can. The Movemybooks process does convert these but it unreconciles them, so best to sort them out in advance

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By marks
29th Jul 2019 23:16

As said above you cant choose what 2 years to convert free.

Move my books will convert 24 months of transactions from the most recent transaction backwards.

If you wanted to convert at 31 Aug 2018 and 24 months from that point in time I suppose if you can get a back up file of SAGE at 31 Aug 2018 and send that then you could do what you want.

Also agree with making sure purchase and sales ledger payments are allocated to invoices rather than as payments on account against invoices as if shown as payments on account you will need to rematch them again in Xero.

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By Radaas
30th Jul 2019 07:29

Thanks, I am waiting on movemybooks to respond as well, but wanted to know if the wider audience had any experience.

I have a small window to make the maximum impact, otherwise I would have waited until the year end next month and then however long until the accounts were closed.

I am basically doing this all of my own back. Since being diagnosed, trying to give as much back as I can, where I can. I am rubbish at manual labour, all the treatment and surgery the past 18 months has crippled my bank account, so my accounting and data knowledge/skills are all I have to offer.

Once I get this all on for them and sort out their processes, I think that they will save a lot of money in terms of running costs and also be able to get the most out of their financial information in terms of strategic planning.

But the fact is that they have someone in place that is not too receptive to change and probably knows that they are taking advantage of the charity in terms of what they do vs what they are paid makes the conversion somewhat trickier, so I think sending the data is probably the best thing to do.

I reviewed years of transactions and apart from the 10 or so movements to prepayments, the payroll journals from sage payroll and the bank transactions, there is only 64 JC/JD with is astounding to me, based on the volume of transactions and size of their chart of accounts.

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By Radaas
30th Jul 2019 15:17

movemybooks has come back and said I can change the conversion date to the end of last year and I will get my two full years.

not clear on if the move will fail or not as the CoA has been changed and a supplier was created and deleted (this 'shadowing' may cause the process to fail)

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