Sage 50 version 28 online - VAT code question

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Please could somebody clarify when im posting a Euro invoice if i am using the correct vat code within sage 50.

So the supplier invoice was for our vehicle which was serviced in Germany.  Supplier called Union Tanks which is registered in Germany, we are a UK based transport business.  So these are the charges and this is how i have posted.

Vehicle repair without VAT       €555.54 - posted as a T16 (I was posting this as T23  which is the old Euro code for services)

Service charge Reverse chg        €80.00 - posted as a T15 - I have always posted this as T15 as it states on invoice RC.

Total €635.54 

I would appreciate it if you could help me!

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By FayeBK
07th Oct 2023 16:41

Why is part of it reverse charge and part of it not? Just curious.

You might find this useful from the Sage website; you answer questions and it lets you know what VAT code to use. .

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Replying to FayeBK:
By Bambinazz
11th Oct 2023 08:40

I have no idea why part of it is reverse charge. The service part is out of scope and the RC €80 is the service charge 24h-perhaps breakdown

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By thestudyman
08th Oct 2023 09:56

The whole cost is subject to reverse charge.

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Replying to thestudyman:
By Bambinazz
11th Oct 2023 08:39

Thank you.

So for the RC €80 I have used the reverse charge T15 with no vat
For the €555.54 which says Out Of Scope on their Union T invoice i have posted as t16 which is purchase of service abroad - no vat.

Does that sound right. Not all stipulates RC.

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By rmillaree
09th Oct 2023 08:49

first question is did they bill you under reverse charge - ie with no german vat knowing you are uk based business?

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Replying to rmillaree:
By Bambinazz
11th Oct 2023 08:35

Hi union tank know we are vat registered and they are also.

On their invoice as above they have put the €555.54 with a vat code of OS which means out of scope. However the service charge - Mercedes serv 24 hr is €80 and they have added RC (reverse charge) therefore it seems that I should post the €555.54 as reverse charge no vat. As there isnt any vat which has been added to the invoice anyhow. VAT is 0.00%. Agree?

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