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Sage 50 - what is "Link Removed"

Sage 50 - what is "Link Removed"

Any Sage accounting gurus here that can help? Looking at this screen clipping from Sage should explain my issue.

This customer has two transactions in the activity - a sales invoice for £2,085.62 and a sales receipt of £6,677.23. I am trying to find out which customer the balance of £4,591.61 went to?

This customer does not show up as having an outstanding amount on the Aged Debtors report, and the total of the Aged Debtors report agrees to the balance on the debtors control account in the nominal ledger.

Does anyone know how the "Link Removed" situation is likely to have come into existence?


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31st Jan 2011 19:13

Link Removed

There are two possible reasons for Link Removed:

1. In earlier versions of Sage 50, when a Clear Audit Trail was run you could have a paid sales invoice left on the audit trail (for example if it had not been VAT Reconciled) but have the sales receipt that paid it removed.  As Sage 50 keeps a record of which receipt paid which invoice, then the receipt is cleared, you get 'Link Removed' when you drill down on the invoice as the receipt is no longer there.  Later versions of Sage 50 (from, off the top of my head, about v13) stopped this and will now only remove transactions where both the invoice and the receipt meet the criteria for removal.

2. The alternative reason for this is data corruption.  If you run Check Data do you see any errors or has the data previously been corrupted and subsequently fixed?

Going by your screenshot, the receipt is still there but one of the invoices that it paid has been removed for either of the 2 reasons above.



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02nd Feb 2011 09:24

It was clear audit trail

The client had done a clear audit trail.   Thanks John for your clear response.


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