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Sage Accountants Club

Sage Accountants Club

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Sage have just increased my accountants club fro £645 to £800. What a cheek. They say I am getting lots of extra benefits - but I don't want them. I have Line 50 (10 Cos) and Payroll (50 Cos).

Any suggestions for getting the cost down?

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By andypartridge
28th Sep 2010 17:47


OK, practical suggestion - threaten to.

I did leave and not only did it reduce my costs, it reduced my blood pressure too.

-- Kind regards Andy

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By mm01
28th Sep 2010 21:57

Im with Andy!

Switch your payroll to a bureau solution out there for a fraction of the cost and pick up a sinlge user version of Sage at a fraction of the cost.

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By Moonbeam
29th Sep 2010 10:48

Outrageous increase

And I thought it was just me who was angry!

I have a licence for 100 companies and paid £745 plus VAT last year. So when Sage's email came through telling me what wonderful benefits I would have for just £900 a year from November I had some very violent feelings.

I have no choice about being a member of this "club", although I sometimes feel Sage gets more of the benefits than I do.

Of course when I rang to complain, I had to explain my situation to 2 separate people before being told that they didn't really know what I was talking about and the people that might were all in a meeting. Absolutely typical.

When I calmed down a bit I looked at the options for a lower level of companies (the number of companies we are licenced for depends on what we need just on the payroll side). Years ago when they first started issuing licences they just gave me 100 licences for no particular reason. In reality I only need around 30. They charge £750 for 25 payroll companies, £800 for 50 companies and £900 for 100 companies.

I have had to go for the £800 option, but at least it's lower than the £900. I bet you do need licences for more than 50 companies for payroll, but if you don't there is scope to reduce the cost.

This is an example of the total lack of interest Sage have in the customer. We are just cash cows to them. The benefits they list are not benefits to me in the main, and just a pathetic way of justifying a 7% increase in charges for a service that is past its best.

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By ShirleyM
29th Sep 2010 11:13

Here's another one

I also left the Accountants Club (and haven't missed it at all!).

Get Payroll Manager and VTT+. You will be delighted with the software ... and the savings!

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By Stewie Griffin
29th Sep 2010 11:31

Vote with your feet & wallet

We left the accountants club last year for similar reasons.  Like the previous poster, a copy of Moneysoft payroll for £200 is much cheaper and faster, so we now make more profit on payroll jobs.  Again, we've used VTT+ for bookeeping work and it's great.

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By ShirleyM
29th Sep 2010 12:28

Accountants Club/Payroll

For those who have Sage payroll, and are considering a change, take care and make sure you understand Sage licencing.

If you don't get the timing right, or get the automatic updates, then you have already committed yourself to another years licence fee!

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By dahowlett
29th Sep 2010 12:48

Do more than vote with your wallets

At my weblog I said (among other things):

"Sage has a new boy coming to the CEO’s table this Friday. Now is a very good time to be addressing these concerns. But you can only do that as a body of people prepared to stand up and fight your corner. If you don’t and simply sit back and pay then you only have yourself to blame. Sage will use all sorts of tactics to make you believe you are getting value for money but that masks the real intent – keeping you locked in to an ever increasing maintenance fee regime for software that is old, bloated and barely suited to the modern move towards simplicity, hiding complexity and lowering TCO.

If you are a Sage Accountants’ Club member and faced with the cost increase then ask Sage to justify it. If it doesn’t meet your needs then there are perfectly good alternatives.

For what it’s worth, Sage is not alone with this issue. On-premise vendors are desperate to keep customers locked in as newer, better and often cheaper SaaS alternatives start to come of age."

Voting with your wallet is not enough. 

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
29th Sep 2010 14:08


£750 for 25 payrolls?

I think you need to shop around.

What I assume from comments on here is the market leader charges £110+VAT

........and it will take about 1/3rd of the time to process.


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By Moonbeam
29th Sep 2010 18:15

Cost of Accountants Club

It isn't £750 for just 25 payrolls. The £750 covers multicompany accounts cover as well as payroll. So we are paying for rather more than payroll cover. I need to ring Sage reasonably often for help with running payroll, as when legislation changes, they aren't very good at de-bugging their software. I don't need to ring them very much for cover for the accounts program.

I have had the first serious thoughts about changing payroll provider from April. As has been said already, because my renewal starts in November, I will be forced to pay for a whole year even if I go to another payroll provider from April 2011.

In the next 6 months I will have a good look at the payroll packages recommended by others on Accounting Web.



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By dahowlett
29th Sep 2010 18:34

If that's the case

Bugs are inevitable but if the 'legs and regs' stuff is introducing problems then you have to question the Q&A. Is it a price worth paying? 

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By Pppyddger1
30th Sep 2010 08:01

No more Sage

Do your clients send a Sage backup to work from , if you are no longer a Sage Club 'member' how do you get around this? Mine do, and having 'sold' the benefits of sage and how much easier it will be for all at year end etc, when they wanted to computerise a few years ago not sure how to stop using it with clients

How are you getting around this?

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By dahowlett
30th Sep 2010 09:07

No simple answer except...

 ...the clear answer is to go to another service. Shoveling CD's around the country is hardly a good idea these days. Another case for considering SaaS?

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By JohnCrook
30th Sep 2010 10:00

Accountants Club

Thanks for all your comments. I have cancelled and payroll dies 0n 21st October. I am moving to Moneysoft Payroll Manager. Don't know why I did not do it years ago.

Line 50 remains mine to keep but with no support.

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By davidmarriott
07th Feb 2011 20:07

disgrace !!

I sent an email to complain about the increase on the 2nd Feb.  They finally rang me today!.  Per their email "Same day response to support emails"  Shame the customer service is not as quick.

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