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Sage accounting bureau

cost of a sage accounting bureau

Hi; does anyone have a sage accounting bureau?  I have enquired with Sage and have been told the cost of £72.88 plus VAT per month for upto 5 companies; this seems to me very expensive; i am sure when i enquired in March this year it was £40ish.  

Does this figure sound right?



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By cbp99
02nd Nov 2017 13:38

Almost everything Sage is expensive. Out of interest, what do you get for that?

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02nd Nov 2017 14:44

I have an email from "my" Sage Account Manager with bundle offers, dated 23rd October, which although it says "50% discount this month only" would nevertheless give you a starting point.

In that email, their Authorised partner pack is £10 pm ("normally £20"); and their Silver partner pack is £30pm ("normally £60"). There are some confusing claims as to how the resale value to you is £80pm and £240 pm respectively, presumably for the included "Sage One Accounting for Life" packages (although those re-sale numbers don't really stack up). Still, it would give you a heads-up because as an ex-Sage agent I receive heavily discounted offers to lure me back on board.

PM me your email address if you would like me to forward a copy of that email. It has attachments, btw, including a spreadsheet for the "Global Partner Programme" and a Sage One brochure; so do take care.

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