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Sage Accounts Production Advanced SAPA - non compliant Audit Reports

Sage Accounts Production Advanced SAPA - non...
We found that SAPA's Audit Reports do not comply with the FRC bulletin for accounts with year ends after 23 March 2011 - pretty much all the audits now being done!
Sage have come up with excuses, such as needing to get their iXBRL working first.  They now seem to imply it's not a priority as not many of their customers would need this report!
Is there anyone else experiencing this problem?
What are you doing about it?  Have you spoken to Sage and what response, if any, have you got?
Sage have said I can paste a correct Audit Report in every set of accounts we do.
I feel they could have easily updated the software in the three weeks they have been making excuses!
Your views please.


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By johnt27
28th Jul 2011 13:33

Same problems!!

We have been experiencing the same problems. I spoke to someone at Sage who said the latest update would sort the issue. This has resolved some of the problems but the audit reports are still not compliant!!

We are having to manually amend audit reports whilst we wait for Sage to sort the problem - whenever that may be.

I also spoke to Sage regarding I&P Societies that need to file CT600 and therefore accounts under iXBRL and was told that no one else had raised this issue previously........Obviously no one has any Friendly Societies anymore.

Rant over!

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