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sage acquire go proposal

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i dont use it but it popped up on my feed

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By MissAccounting
05th Oct 2021 12:22

Good news for James Ashford's pocket but less so for its users sadly as Sage are truly dinosaurs when it comes to technology! Still, it could be worse and it could be IR*S that acquired them.

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By williams lester accountants
05th Oct 2021 13:23

Think that will be us looking elsewhere then, I have no interest in working with Sage.

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By Hugo Fair
05th Oct 2021 14:07

Go to ... if you want to see how happy this makes James Ashford (for whom this was always the objective).
But if you're not a Sage user ...

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By AdamMurphy
05th Oct 2021 17:45

This is the trouble with having software from a small company. They're not really actually interested in you apart from being a number to add to their client list so they can be bought out.

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Replying to AdamMurphy:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
06th Oct 2021 14:24

But what’s the alternative - be a customer of Sage or IRIS for the get-go, both well know for their outstanding customer service? At least at a small software company you’ll get a few years of good service before they sell out.*

* except TaxCalc, whose founders email me every time IRIS buys a competitor, to reassure me that they would never sell out…

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