Sage aged debtors report with invoice numbers

Hi all, 

I'm relatively new to Sage, so I'd like to ask for your help on the following :

I'd like to run an aged debtors report (as at 30.06.17) that shows the invoice numbers so that I can print the outstanding sales invoices.

The normal aged debtor report only shows the audit numbers, which is a real shame. I tried to go from Invoices and credits/reports, but those reports seem to only show the audit numbers too. Am I missing the trick?

Many thanks for the replies!


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By sutton
17th Jul 2017 21:23

I haven't used it for a while but I'm pretty sure you can. Try the aged debtors detailed report rather than summary. Not sure exactly what it is called but look for one that says detailed.

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17th Jul 2017 22:32

Why do you want to print the outstanding invoices?

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18th Jul 2017 09:07

All the aged 'detailed' reports in Sage show the invoice numbers. I can only assume that you are running a 'Summary' report, which just gives the totals.

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20th Jul 2017 11:04

You need to run the "detailed" debtors report, it should then show all info (invoice no.; date; invoice description, etc)

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20th Jul 2017 19:20

Just thinking maybe you do what I do which is use the 'reference' field for an internal filing reference & the 'ex-ref' field for the supplier's invoice number (I worked on the assumption that 'ex ref' meant external reference, external to me, that is), so when you run a report (even a detailed one) you get the ref but not the ex ref. To get round this I have always put the ex ref at the beginning of the details field too (yes I know its duplicating but it works for me!) so that does then also appear on the detailed reports. However that won't help you right now. But a bit of fiddling in report designer to add ex-ref to an existing report layout or if you have extracover the helpdesk will do it for you. Hope that helps? Or may be totally useless, in which case, good luck - I'm sure there's a way.

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to tracey2412
20th Jul 2017 19:42

Its an aged debtor report (not an aged creditor) so the reference field should be the invoice number of the invoices YOU issued! Ex ref is just an extra reference field. There is no need for any fiddling. Although Im still intruiged as to why there is a need to print off the unpaid invoices - perhaps the OP will come back on!

Many folk use their own internal referencing for supplier invoices coming in and add these to the reference field, with the suppliers invoice number in the details box - its whatever works for the business, but putting the invoice in twice is a wee bit of overkill and with a high volume customer would cause a bit of an issue when you do searches. But hey - if it works for you!!

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