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SAGE Brought forward balances

SAGE Brought forward balances

Sage nominal code 6300 has a brought forward balance on 01 June 2004. The year end is 31 May 2004 and the year end routine has been run. Why did the amount in code 6300 not get transfered to Reserves when the year end took place? A year to date Balance Sheet at 31 August 2004 shows a "Previous year adj" for the amount in code 6300.
What has gone wrong?
How do I correct this?
Any help would be appreciated.
Gerald Lunn


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06th Sep 2004 09:57

Or it's more than one chart of account....
I had the same problem a couple of years ago. Very sorry I can't remember the exact details but I do remember that it was something to do with having 2 or 3 different chart of accounts layouts set up (for the directors to look at different scenarios) and because of that the year end did not post correctly. I deleted the other chart of account layouts, restored my data and re ran the year end. I presume you did back up and haven't run anything else until you were happy with the brought forward figures!!

I went through Sage help desk and they talked me through it.

Good luck,

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05th Sep 2004 21:53

Year End Problems
There are two possible answers, and both are easy to answer.

First is this a post year end posting of a pre year end invoice?, if so either re-date it or remove it or sit still and do nothing as you want the cost in this year.


It's because your chart of account is not set up correctly, go to nominal/COA select the chart and click "check". Fixing it is easy you'll figure it out quickly.

Then either restore your pre year end data, correct the chart of accounts and re-run year end, OR journal a correction.

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