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Sage CIS report not standard

Sage CIS report not standard

A builder client has recently bought Sage Line 50 and the construction industry (CIS) add-on, for which we have dutifully entered the subcontractor details, including those with email addresses. The details in Sage include a tick-box under 'email settings' that supposedly sets it to issue relevant reports to those suppliers via email, but when we run the 'Subcontractor Monthly Statement' report, it returns the message "The email options for this report are not fully configured". 

I contacted Sage, explaining that we just wanted to send the correct statement to everyone who has been paid via CIS and who has an email address, but apparently that is secret information that they need paying for. Having just spent £1000 or so with them, he is not best pleased, and given that the program includes settings for just the thing we want to do, not to provide the necessary report seems a bit slipshod. I know how to drive the report designer, and I asked if there was a guide sheet or similar that would help us configure it, but hit the Sage paywall again! Does anyone here know what is required? I gather there is an appropriate email field in the system that can be incorporated into an existing report, but the lack of help from Sage is pretty breathtaking, IMO.

Any clues would be much appreciated!


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