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Anybody take out one of SAGEs "prepaid" packages 4/5 years ago

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In 2016 I purchased a (10 year) monthly package of 60 "start" licences and 5 "accounting".  Been paying for them ever since even though about 1/3rd of the licences are still dormant.

In the past it was possible to have a licence "reset" in the event that you ceased acting for a client or they didn't like the program - ie you could merely download the audit trail/nominal activity to csv, have the licence reset and then issue to a new client. 

 Without warning, SAGE now refuse to reset the licences stating they made a business decision to do this in March 2020 (despite failing to notify anyone in advance).

Does anyone have the same problems with other cloud providers where a bulk package was purchased?   I'm quite disgusted with SAGEs current stance when they were aggresively selling these packages 4/5 years ago.

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By Paul Crowley
22nd Jun 2020 22:47

2016 sounds right to me. They were selling in 10s as I remember. Even suggesting that we would make a profit by passing double price onto clients.
We already had enough, did not need so did not buy. Back then Sage used to sell in person, to accountants

Given the comments of late, that decision by Sage is not surprising

We had already been bitten once by Sage when they took over 4 Accounting and tax software companies, one of which we were using, and botched them all together. Moved on quite soon as the combination just did not work

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
23rd Jun 2020 10:22

SAGE playing hard ball to screw you for fees for their shoddy software?

Who would have thunk!

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By sjmaccounting
23rd Jun 2020 18:57

I've heard back from SAGE today and it looks as though they will now honour the original deal and reset "dormant" licences

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