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Sage correction

Sage correction

Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me.
In sage I accidentally recorded an invoice as being paid from the petty cash account. I have raised a dummy credit note to put this right but when I try to post it sage says that "there is an unallocated cheque balance" My petty cash on sage is now negative because I made the payment from it instead of the bank account. How can I stop it saying this and put it right. When I paid the company I did it from the correct bank account.

Thank you for the help :-)


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14th May 2012 11:43

Why a credit note?


not sure why you have raised a credit note - just go in to corrections and delete the payment (from the cash account) and the invoice is then available to pay again via the correct bank account.

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By Jazz
to Tim Vane
14th May 2012 12:03

Ok, I didn't realise I could do this. Great! Thankyou :-)

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14th May 2012 17:09

Even easier than that...

when you use cash instead of bank just correct the item concerned by going to file maintenance and selecting the correct "bank account". No need to delete and reenter.

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