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Sage data transfer

Sage data transfer

Client has Line50 Accountant with a 3 company licence. We have set up a new company on Sage to deal with client's transfer from sole-trader to limited company. Client obviously wishes to retain customer and supplier names and addresses etc. I am aware that the files need to be in .csv format to enable them to be copied. However, Sage will not tell me how to find the appropriate files and convert them etc as client does not have Sage Support! Sage want to sting the client for £520 plus VAT for what they call a 3minute job!! Any help on what to do greatly appreciated
Martin Dore


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30th Mar 2006 15:05

OK Try This
If you can't change year end and need to, the first poster was correct, run Sales/Reports/Customer records extended to a csv file.

Same for Purchase, set up the new company, choose File/Import Customer and Supplier records accordingly.

If you want to use the same chart of accounts go to C/Sage/ACCDATA and either copy coa(old versions) or OWNCOA (later versions) across to the same directory in the company number you need.

Note first company is in C:\Sage\Accdata, all subsequent are in folders C:\sage\Companyx/Accdata

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29th Mar 2006 20:09

Sage Data transfer
I did the same thing for a client a couple of months ago.

I think what I did was select the reports for customers then ran the Customer Record CSV Extended. You will then need to 'save as' and make sure that you change the type to CSV. Then obviously it would be the same report for Suppliers. You can also copy the chart of accounts accross in the same way.

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30th Mar 2006 06:55

It is very fast
And there is no need to export and import.

It'll take me longer to explain it than to do it.

Create new company.

Restore a backup from the old company into the new company.

File/Maintenance/Rebuild new data

Tick what you want to retain, and it will present you with a clean company with just purchase and sales records, and no transactions.

Amend company name/year end and away you go.

Not bad for £10,400 an hour which is what I think the Sage rate works out to.

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30th Mar 2006 08:38

Thank you!
Many thanks for both your comments. Only issue I see with yours Ian is that client doesnt have version of Line 50 that enables year end change. Client has Line 50 Accountant and I understand you need either Line 50 Accountant Plus or Finanacial Controller to do year end. Or have Sage been trying to con me again?!

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30th Mar 2006 12:14

change year end

Once you have done as suggested and cleared out any items you do not want it will ask you to confirm year end and you should be able to change it then. If not go into settings /year end/change and enter month and year.

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