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Sage department problem

Sage department problem

I am currently running Sage instant and it is suddenly asking me for a department ref before allowing me to save a journal. Sage instant does not have departments and there is no where to add one. It will not allow me to save the journal without it so I am stuck. Any answers gratefully received as I am trying to enter payroll journals.
Many thanks
Joanne Newport


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By ChrisDL
14th Oct 2008 11:25

A couple of thoughts
Are you using Instant or Instant Plus - some versions of Instant Plus do you have departments and you could have hidden them using Smart Column (a right click on the column headings will show you one way or the other)

Have you had to restore the data to Instant after someone else has worked on it in say Accountant Plus? They could have set up some departments which might make Instant get confused.

Hope these help


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