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Sage Expenses & Invoices app -any users out there?

Anyone have experience of this simple free bookkeeping app?

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Hi, I wonder if anyone has client's using the new (released May 2016) Sage Expenses & Invoices app? It seems to have replaced the no longer available Sage Record Keeper. Both are free and simply record Income & Expenses. Although the newer allows the creation of sales invoices which can be emailed to their customers.

All very good and ideal for the non-business bank account holding Income & Expenditure client's. BUT, my question is:

With the older Sage Record Keeper my client's could export to .csv and email me their year's records. I can't see how to do this from Sage Expenses & Invoices. Does anyone know how a client could therefore send their data on to an accountant or even back-up their data?

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By harvs123
27th Nov 2016 10:54

Just had a play with it. I can't find any way to export the figures either which makes it pretty useless as a suggestion for clients.
I'm not keen on it anyway. I am aware it's free but it seems a bit fiddly and I think I would rather pay £7 per month and have clients use the basic Kashflow package. At least I can access that and download whatever reports I want.

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By chewmac
28th Nov 2016 09:56

Thanks for your reply Harvs.

I've since discovered the following:

It's a funny, if not tricky app. Once signed-up via the app (which is always free) you can then sign in online. Go to Sage One login. From there you can view reports on the data in the app such as P&L, Income & Expense Day Book. Also, change setting such as year-end etc.

All looks good until I realised that this online part (not the app) is part of the paid Sage One cloud accounting service at £6 + VAT per month.

So to get any useful reports out of the app you need to move to the paid service. Too faffy and too expensive for the client's I had in mind.

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