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Sage: How to export a list of Customer email addresses?

Sage: How to export a list of Customer email...

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I'm trying to export a list of all the "email 1" addresses for all Customers to Excel.  The result can be either a row-by-row list or a dropdown selector in Excel; either way would work fine.

I'm fairly new to Sage.and have looked through the  Help but can't find a way to do this.  Can anyone point me in the right direction  - which would seem to be simple but so far hasn't been.  :-) 

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16th Jun 2014 10:43

I'm not sure you can do only the email addresses but you can get all of your customers details to a csv file then edit as appropriate.

Go to the customer screen and click on Reports > then select Customer Details Reports > then run the Customer Record CSV (Extended).

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By xtab
16th Jun 2014 22:29


Ran that report and can pick the bones out of it.  Thanks very much for the tip.

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