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Sage Instant Accounts 2013

Sage Instant Accounts 2013

We're currently reviewing the latest version of this Sage software, but are also keen to get other users' experiences. 

If you've already tried this out, what positives or negatives have you seen from it as compared to previous versions? 


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By Locutus
29th Jan 2013 21:35

Sage annual releases
I used to find every annual iteration of Sage never really changed much, apart from the colour scheme.

My version of 2013 is still in the box I'm afraid, where it will stay until such time as one of my clients get 2013.

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30th Jan 2013 21:42

Does anyone use Sage anymore?

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31st Jan 2013 10:44

There's an exodus from Sage

Gareth, judging by the very brisk business we are doing at Movemybooks (Sage to Xero data conversion) I suggest that your question, if posed again in a couple of years' time, might be answered "not really".

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By Locutus
31st Jan 2013 22:01

Agree with Adrian
I've used Xero and also movemybooks to move a few from Sage.

Sage has been slow to evolve and now looks like an expensive (especially in the case of Accounts 50) desktop based dinosaur. Many of my clients still use it and to be honest I think if is the best of the desktop based products, but I stopped recommending it a couple of years ago.

It really feels like a solution from the 1990s, that is a bit out of place in the mobile world of the mid 2010s.

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01st Aug 2013 11:03

be careful

If you are looking at the comparitives within a nominal code....do NOT rely in that information.

For example, it randomly swaps credits to debits in my sales...and you have to type over them to change them to the right way ! But when you look next time, another month has changed to a debit.

They have told me there is "an issue" with it and it is on a list for looking at, but it does seem incredible that they have released expensive accounting software that muddles up debits and credits !





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02nd Sep 2013 15:26

Further to my last post...not only do they randonly change from credits to debits, but when you do a year end, and so the info is moving to the previous year, they stick with the randomly changed figures, but they can not be typed over in the years before the comparitives, and so the figures will permanently be wrong. So you have to make sure all the comparitives are the right way round before performing the year end. I had to try about 6 times before all the credits and debits were the right way round in just one nominal account....so this will be almost an impossible task to do for every account. 

I would have thought that this renders it (Sage Instant accounts plus) almost redundant and unusable, and so very surprised that I still have not been told about any update or timetable for mending this yet. 


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