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Sage Instant Accounts

Sage Instant Accounts

Hi all

I am writing this on behalf of the company that i work for.

Here is our issue;

Over the past few weeks our accountant who only works for us has been secretly deleting records from Sage. We only discovered this after she had phoned the TAX man and the put her resignation in on Thursday last week. This has now come to our attention and really needs to be sorted out as you can imagine there are payments that are showing in the bank that are not accounted for (but they where before she deleted them).

Is there a way to find these records? i have looked for an answer elsewhere but as of yet not been able to find a relevant answer.

I myself look after all the IT throughout the business but have never used Sage before, I'm not looking for a step by step guide or a newbie's guide to Sage, just an overall answer would be good. If there is one.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and i hope someone will be able to help

Kind Regards



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By JKnight
25th Apr 2012 14:06


There are a couple of Audit Trail reports that will show deleted transactions. These are located in the Company module, Financials, Financial Reports.

Sage does not delete transactions but posts correcting entries to cancel them. If you go to Settings, Company Preferences, Parameters tab there is a check box for 'exclude deleted transactions'. If this is unticked I think any deleted transactions will appear in red in the activity windows.

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By ringi
25th Apr 2012 14:44

Clone the hard disk BEFORE you do anything

As you may be dealing with a crime first make a clone of the hard disk and then lock up the original disk in a safe and only work with the clone.  You may need the original disk for evidence at some point.

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By Hansa
25th Apr 2012 16:12

back up copies?

Both the above replies are sound advice.

I've not used Sage for donkey's years but I would have thought backup copies of the data file were or should have been made periodically.  Of course the "ex" might have deleted them but no harm in looking.

Also, it might be an idea to call Sage directly explaining that unauthorised deletions may have been made and get their suggestions.  



If I were involved in a company where the accountant disappeared without warning AND the accounts were partially deleted, I would

1. consider informing the Police

2. Change online banking log-ins immediately and cancel any cheque books that cannot be found.

3. Begin a manual reconciliation of all bank accounts immediately.

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25th Apr 2012 18:17

Re: Deleted transactions

Hi Phill,

I would definatly take the advice in the above answers, but they do not help you fix your accounts.

As a Sage expert user, I would be happy to help you with this, as I will probably spot problems in your accounts a lot quicker than you will

I will be happy to do this free of charge.

If interested email me at [email protected]


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