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Sage Instant Accounts

Sage Instant Accounts

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Has anyone had a problem with the bank reconciliation feature of Sage?

When matching bank payments or receipts to the statements, Sage seems to be combining one or more items on the unmatched (and unreconciled) list of items. There are no apparent links between the combined items and the combinations appear random. Having used various versions of Sage for around 25 years I've never had problems with the bank rec.

Any ideas please (without a general anti-Sage rhetoric)?

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By Gem7321
23rd Apr 2014 15:52

I've used Sage for 9 years and always had this problem.  It normally occurs when items are posted in the same batch with the same reference (ie. when entering direct debits with a reference of DD for all). 

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By Si_Woodhams
23rd Apr 2014 16:16

Group Transactions

Its what Gem7321 said.


It can be turned off in the Company settings or Bank Defaults :)

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