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Sage Instant Accounts Production

Sage Instant Accounts Production

With only a few clients I've been looking at Accounts Production software and following the recent thread about this. Someone mentioned this product, which I had never heard of. As some of my clients use Sage I wonder if anyone can recommend (or not !) this product. The 10 company version is £99+VAT which seems a good price.


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31st Aug 2011 15:35

It is a good price, i.e. cheap and you, from my experience, get what you pay for. 

Since the demise of Auditman, I have used three accounts production packages, namely PTP (before the Iris buyout), Sage Instant Accounts Production and VT Accounts Production.

I'm sure you know already, like most people, I am going to tell you that VT wins hands down.

I found PTP a little clumsy in entering transactions but it ultimately produced a nice set of accounts albeit a little difficult to manually edit in Word if required. That experience is about three years old now.

I made the switch to Sage IAP for one year, largely I have to say based on price and because, like you, most of my few clients were using Sage Line 50.  It felt to me that the data entry process was much easier with Sage IAP and you have the ability to import a trial balance direct from Line 50 etc.  So getting the data in ready to produce accounts was easier, but the problem I had was the accounts which it produced, perhaps because I didn't spend the time to customise it properly (if that is possible), perhaps because I use non standard COA's in Line 50, maybe it was just a poor product.  Having said that I did manage to get some accounts out of it, however I was much more reliant on my Word editing skills for this product to get some acceptable accounts.  The other gripe I had was with Sage's support when I wanted to switch the licence from a desktop to a laptop.

Maybe it wasn't so bad, I was looking at options to replace it and had come to the conclusion that I would stick with it as there was nothing else available for a small client set at that price.  I then discovered VT and the rest is history,

For the extra £100 or so, I cannot recommend VT highly enough and they even make the effort to answer questions on here.

Just my opinion though....




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to anzanijohn
31st Aug 2011 15:49


Thanks Lee I value such a detailed response. Given the overwhelming positive responses for VT perhaps I should just bite the bullet and shell out the extra £100. I did look at a trial version and found it a bit clunky and 'unpretty' but that is just a learning exercise. I'm not a fan of Sage but half of my clients use it so this is colouring my views too.

It's a shame VT can't drop the extras and just sell Final Accounts a bit more competitively. If they sold just this + the upcoming CT module I'd be sold. I don't need bookkeeping modules.

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31st Aug 2011 16:20


You have just reminded me that one of the options I considered before switching to Sage IAP was indeed VT.  I had a look at VT+, as I was looking for a bookkeeping replacement for Sage 50 and I too thought it looked a little unpretty and clunky and passed it over. 

However the overwhelming positives on this site convinced me it was worth another look after my relative dissatisfaction with Sage IAP and I really have never looked back.  The fact you do not need the bookkeeping modules may mean VT is not for you as I think it is this part of it rather than the Accounts Production that sets it apart.

Good luck with your search and perhaps a few others on here may give you further food for thought.

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