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Sage Job Retention Scheme module

Confusion using Sage Job Retention Scheme module

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Does anyone use the Sage Job Retention Scheme Module for calculating furlough?  With the furlough scheme extending I'd like to use it to make life easier as I'm not quite sure if the manual spreadsheets I've set up are calculating correctly. 

However, each time I've watched the recorded webinar periodically over the last few months I'm almost reduced to tears as it seems so difficult to understand, because Sage uses tax weeks and months rather than calendar weeks and months and I just resort to my not quite correct speadsheet again. 

Anyone else use the Sage JRS module and is it just a matter of plodding on, getting used to it eventually, and trust that the calculations are correct?  

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By Paul Crowley
03rd Mar 2021 16:50

We use Sage for payroll
Sage does have apparent errors based on calculations, so we stuck to spreadsheets
I can explain everything on my spreadsheet: even if there is an error, the error can be explained

Not happy with the idea of trusting knee jerk IT responses

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Barbara G
03rd Mar 2021 17:19

Thanks Paul. I suppose the difficulty I'm having is calculating furlough for variably paid employees and pulling out information for the same calendar days the previous year. As they're all weekly payrolls it would be an awful lot easier if I could just use the same tax week the previous year, but I suppose I'll need to ask someone with much more maths ability than I have to design a spreadsheet for me, as these formulae are becoming the length of my arm. It's comforting to know that others don't use the software. Many thanks for your reply

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Replying to Barbara G:
By Paul Crowley
03rd Mar 2021 17:46

Rebecca Beneyworth's daughter uses spreadsheets according to the various Aweb live videos

BUT I suspect yours are a lot more challenging

The only variable I have we just agreed to use the prior year average and treat as fixed.

No incentive for business owner to pay us lots of money doing calculations just for the benefit of employees.
Employer gets nothing in return

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