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Sage Line 50 clear audit trail

Sage Line 50 clear audit trail


sage line 50 (2012), has become very slow and freezes. transactions going back to 2007, just need to keep history for 1 year.

I can't see why some of customer accounts transaction have not deleted, they have been reconciled.

can transactions be deleted any other way than using audit trail?

If anyone reading this has had to deal with this sort in past please i would appreciate any help.

thanks in advance


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By she001
05th Dec 2012 13:04

Clear Audit Trail

You can Archive data but this can only be done when you run the year end. If your customer accounts have transactions posted to them, you cannot delete them, reconciled or not. Compressing data removes deleted transactions, this may help depending on how many deletions there are. Otherwise, clear audit trail is about all that you can use. Hope this helps. I'm sure somebody else will be able to add to this too.

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05th Dec 2012 13:17

Clear Audit Trail

The routine will remove transactions that meet the following criteria:

1. Bank reconciled (where appropriate)

2. VAT reconciled (where appropriate)

3. Fully paid

4. Prior to the date of the Clear Audit Trail

5. Where both 'sides' of the transaction meet all the criteria.  So, for example, you could have a fully paid and reconciled sales invoice that meets all the criteria but, if the sales receipt that paid it has not been reconciled, the invoice will not be removed until the receipt can be removed as well.

This gets more complicated if the customer has come from an earlier version of the software (prior to v12 if memory serves) which would allow one side to be removed even if the other couldn't which can result in certain transactions staying on the Audit Trail no matter what you do...

There is no other mechanism in the program to remove them (other than rebuilding the data and starting from scratch with opening balances)



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06th Dec 2012 10:01

That is a problem

thank you for the responses.

I have tried do all above and messing around with backup data. It just does not delete.

Solutions i can see are to upgrade to next level of sage or to start a fresh with all existing charts/customer/suppliers info and enter opening balances.

the problem is to get a cut off point, as sage is used on everyday task.

has anyone had to start fresh with data, any advice to best way to tackle this.



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06th Dec 2012 10:18

Clear Audit Trail

Upgrading to the next level of Sage will make no difference.

You could certainly start again with opening balances so you'd need to run an Aged Debtors, Aged Creditors and Trial Balance which would give you the figures you'd need to start again.

Having said that, it still sounds a bit drastic as there will be a reason for the transactions not clearing.

Pick one transaction that you expect to have cleared and then go to the Activity of the relevant Customer/Supplier account and, in the bottom half of the screen where the 'splits' are displayed, is there a line that says 'Link Removed'?


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to SteLacca
07th Dec 2012 10:14

Link removed

@ John, thanks for advice.

i have checked data in customer account and yes there are transaction with link removed, 

what does this mean, because the account is nil and reconciled. so i would thought that these should all clear?


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07th Dec 2012 10:23

Link Removed

That would suggest that a Clear Audit Trail has, at some point, been run using a much older version of Sage 50 which used to allow for one 'side' of a transaction to be removed if it was reconciled hence the 'Link Removed' as the link between the two sides has been lost.

The problem with the later versions which will only remove if both sides meet the criteria is that it can't removed the link removed transactions as the other side is missing...


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to legerman
07th Dec 2012 11:04

thanks for making it clear as to the problem.

so the data which goes back as 2007/8, mostly likely will never be removed and hence build up on transactions volume on sage causing it to be slow and freeze overtime.

it may be drastic move but starting fresh with data seems the right thing to do. This also needs to be timed well as sage is used on daily basis.

again thank you for the replies.

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18th Apr 2013 20:09


Hi All,

I was wondering if deleted transactions can be recovered without have to restore a previous back up of sage? Would greatly appreciate your advise.

Also, does the audit trail provide the time & date a transaction was posted?

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