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Sage Line 50 Invoice Designer

Looking for an invoice template for a customer but professionally designed

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Hi, I know how to edit invoice templates in Sage Line 50 Accounts but the report editor is so dated and basic. Does anyone know a designer who can create a professional and modern looking template? Invoice template would be for a service style invoice. Surely Sage can't be that far behind Xero!!

Thanks in advance


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By johnt27
09th Jun 2020 10:42

Depends on your version of Sage as to whether your stuck with the old report editor or the much worse (IMHO) O365 integrated options.

Worth noting I use Sage periodically at best having switched to Xero some 10 years or so ago and I doubt I could reassure you on how far behind (or not) Sage may have slipped...

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Part on Dudes
By Partyondudes
09th Jun 2020 12:53

If ever i need anything on sage I go to Bruce Denney, he has been a purely sage only support company for 25 years - sage even recommend him - I worked with him in the late 90's and still put work his way

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Replying to Partyondudes:
By Cheshire
09th Jun 2020 13:11

Seconded recommendation for Bruce.

I think he used to post on here.

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By Rebecca Wooderson
10th Jun 2020 17:19

Hi Ewan

We offer a report and layout design service if you're still looking.


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