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Sage line 50 Invoice in Euro

Sage line 50 Invoice in Euro

We are using Sage Financial Controller Line 50 v13. I am looking to invoice a euro supplier. My base currency is sterling. Is there any hidden way to invoice in euro or will I have to invoice in Sterling? Multicurrency is setup. The supplier has NOT been setup yet.
Any advice is much appreciated
Douglas Tubbs


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30th Jul 2008 16:58

Sage line 50 Invoice in Euro
Worked perfectly. Thanks for your help

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By ChrisDL
30th Jul 2008 12:12

Setup is everything
You should be OK if the supplier is not setup yet.

I am assuming that you are selling something in euros, but it doesn't matter the setup is the same for customers and suppliers.

When you create the customer make sure that you set the correct currency in the defaults tab.

The other issue is that if you don't have a euro bank account you will need to create an artificial one to receive the money into.

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