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Sage Line 50 - Remote Access

Sage Line 50 - Remote Access

Does anyone know how to access Line 50 remotely via a broadband connection? Any special software/bits of kit required? And likely cost?

Sage have confirmed that it can be done, but it is not something that they do.

Thanks for any suggestions.

nick goddard


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By NeilW
23rd May 2005 10:17

Try..., which is free to use as long as you don't need remote printing.

Bear in mind that this ties up the remote PC. Nobody else can use it at the same time.


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23rd May 2005 21:29
try for a fully remote solution, downside is you'll need a number of clients to take up the package to make it a financially viable offering to them. It basically holds SAGE remotely, where both you and the client can access it, v good for worting out problems whilst talking 'live' on the phone!

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By jacp400
26th May 2005 08:39

Hi Nick

It may run across broadband without anything else but it will be very, VERY slow.

Have a look at hhtp://

Hope this helps.


John Clough
Numerica LLP
Tel: 023 8070 2345
[email protected]

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