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Sage line 50 working very slowly in our network

Sage line 50 working very slowly in our network


There are 4 computers in our network with 3 users license. When all computers are working in sage that times it takes too long to proceed. I have been advised by the sage support that my antivirus are too strict. But I have put sage in trusted zone in antivirus. Still same problem. There are 3 desktop out of 4 are using windows vista and only one using xp 64 bit. It has also been advised from sage support that xp might slow down the system. But employer do not want to buy new license. Also I have clear some audit trial. No change. Is there anybody can help me from practical experience ?

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08th Jul 2012 13:52

Take Sage's advice

If the company owners don't want to upgrade their hardware when Sage are suggesting they should then it just isn't your problem any more. XP is quite old fashioned now. I recently bought a new computer (reluctantly) because the older one was so slow. What a difference it made!

I despair of people who aren't businesslike enough to understand that you need to spend money from time to time if you want to keep up to date.

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09th Jul 2012 08:02

Slow Network Performance

You don't say which version of Sage 50 you are using - the latest v2012 runs much faster than earlier versions so an upgrade wouldn't do any harm.

Does putting the Sage files in a 'trusted zone' mean that the anti virus doesn't check them?  If it still checks them then that will be having a huge impact on performance.

I'd recommend downloading and running the following 'health check' program and see that highlights any issues:  Note this is not my program but it is written by a highly respected memeber of Sage's Developer Community.



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09th Jul 2012 16:15

Champagne Challenge

If you like the version of Sage 50 you are on, and your computers still work perfectly well, you could consider hosting as an alternative.

Online50 is often approached to help out in exactly those situations.  In fact for three years they have offered a Champagne Challenge - if you can operate a range of reports using your data set more quickly on your local network than on the Online50 platform, we will give you a bottle of Bollinger.  Unfortunately we have yet to actually give one out - but perhaps you may get lucky.


PS. I work for Online50

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10th Jul 2012 15:45

Martin at Adept really knows what he is talking about, he has done shedloads of stuff comparing which Anti-Viruses cripple Sage 50, well worth checking out his stuff in the link above. Putting stuff in trusted will not stop the AV, plus some AV's are more vicious than others.
Version 2012 is a lot quicker.





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