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Sage Line50 restore problem - PLEASE HELP!

Sage Line50 restore problem - PLEASE HELP!

We are trying to set up a company which uses all the existing customer/supplier/bank/nominal codes etc from an existing company but without any transactional data; ie. with zero (0) opening balances on each nominal code.

I just can't seem to find a way to do this using the restore function; it imports everything (all data including transactions) from the restore file.

Is there a way to achieve this using the restore function or maybe another means to achieve the desired outcome?

Please someone help me urgently - I'm in despair!

Many many thanks to any of you who can help... 


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12th Jan 2012 10:36

Restore & Rebuild

Restore the data as normal then go to File -> Maintenance -> Rebuild - there you can choose which data you want to remove so you can, for example, remove all the transactions whilst retaining the customers etc.



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to Democratus
12th Jan 2012 13:27


Thankyou so much for your help, John - you are a life saver..!

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