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Sage One

Sage One


Has anyone tried the new Sage One accounting software for small businesses? It is an online solution that on the face of it is available from just £5 to £10 / month. Seems cheaper than from the likes of Xero, but how does it compare? Are accountants going to support it?



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25th Mar 2011 07:45


There is a review here in the Cloud Computing group:

I don't think comparing it on price with with Xero is really fair as, from a functionallity perspective, Xero blows it out of the water at the moment...


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25th Mar 2011 09:42


From what I understand - it is a very basic cut down version of Sage Instant - so it really doesn't compare to Xero or Kashflow.

You are probablly better off using VT Cashbook (free) - sharing the file with your via dropbox - inorder to achieve the same results.

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By johnt27
25th Mar 2011 12:40

Agree with basic comments

Sage One has been pitched to sit below all it's current offline products ie Line 50, Instant etc. Therefore it is very simplistic for example client's can't post journals on either of the Sage One products. This has been done by the accountant.

In terms of comparison Xero does has similar products if you are a partner, but as has been previously mentioned all of Xero's products and there are effectively 5 are more sophisticated.

For me Xero leads the way unless you are dealing with a very basic client, and then considering the cost of Sage One I would rather go with Instant which you can get at a similar price (after partner discount).

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25th Mar 2011 13:47

More background material on AccountingWEB

The link above to the Cloud Computing discussion group (worth visiting for other members' views) is based on Nigel Harris's Sage One review in IT Zone. A few other items that might fill in some of the background include:

Sage opens new Cloud front (news report with executive positioning statements)New Sage product (lengthy Cloud discussion with more from Sage and other vendors, and user feedback)

I hope they can help too.

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25th Mar 2011 15:45


At the moment I don't think its up to scratch and not worth the bother.  In fact I cancelled my subscription after using it for one day.  The issues I had were (from my poor memory):

There was no drill down.  So if I wanted to see what sales or any overhead consisted of I had to go through a very complicated procedure to get it to dump the figures into a spreadsheet.

It cannot provide you with a list of debtors.  It shows a debtors figure in the Trial Balance but couldn't tell me who they were!

These were the major points I had, I'm sure there are others but I cannot remember now.  Sage did say they were looking into one of the points above (I think the drill down bit).

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25th Mar 2011 17:26

Some opinions

It's nothing like a cut down version of Sage Instant. It looks put together from scratch.

It doesn't have a bank reconciliation facility.

If you add a new nominal code it's added to the bottom of the list without any categorisation.

I don't like the pricing. It seems incredible that the price doubles as soon as anybody is issuing invoices even if it's only once a month.

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By Kryton
26th Mar 2011 09:00


Thanks everyone for your replies.

I think this looks like a work in progress, and I am sure with Sage's resources it will get better especially since it appears to be a whole new development away from their traditional products. Bank reconciliation is something that is essential so I'll wait to see what develops.


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29th Mar 2011 14:46

Anything but Rubbish

We'd agree that Sage One is a work in progress, but our understanding is that the next release, due in the near future, will address a number of functionality issues including those raised by SJRUK.

In our opinion Sage have their approach exactly right here.  They have aimed for an easy to understand entry level system and thats what they have delivered.  The aim is not to emulate Line50 online, but to release something suitable for businesses with more simplistic requirements.

They have also then taken time to elicit feeback from the user community - both accountants and end users - to identify what the next steps should be.

In our opinion they've delivered something a little different to the rest of the market and the next release will be a big step forward.

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29th Mar 2011 17:22

Shot themselves in the foot

Sage have shot themselves in the foot by bringing out what they brought out. I had a demo given by Sage and the VAT return was wrong and they couldn't explain why. If you set up a new nominal code it is places at the bottom of the chart of accounts. This makes it very difficult in the future to review the chart and also find if a new code is needed.

Why would any software company make these fundamental errors? Saying that they've released software and all the problems are there so people can say what is wrong and they can be corrected in the next release is ridiculous. Surely any software should be able to get a VAT Return right?

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31st Mar 2011 11:20

Sage & QuickBooks are falling behind

Both Sage and QuickBooks have brought out badly thought out online versions, it makes you wonder why they don't get them properly tested by users, including accountants, before releasing them!

It's a shame because i love QuickBooks (for use by accountants to do bookkeeping/incomplete accounts - not clients with no accounting knowledge!) and it would be great if they could bring out an online version with similar functionality to the desktop version.

I've tried Xero, didn't rate it, but for some reason others seem to.  Kashflow is OK, but slow to use. So far I've found nothing online that compares with QuickBooks for ease/speed of navigation that accountants need when reviewing client's records.

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By TaraMac
11th Jul 2011 11:24

Sage One - really??

Was at a roadshow recently here in Ireland following on from which we were given access to a Sage One company.  I set up my own company a/cs on it to test it out.  But I hit some problems -

1) We sent out an invoice of €x,xxx.09. We received a cheque in full payment which was €x,xxx.11, ie. we were overpaid by 2c.  Sage One does not allow you to post this overpayment.

2) The business we are in means that we receive a deposit from clients before we begin work on their project.  Once we've begun the work, I  invoice against this deposit and keep a running total of the a/c which I send to the client on a weekly basis.  Sage One does not allow you to post a deposit/payment on a/c to a debtor a/c.  It can only go through as a payment on the banking tab, with no record on the debtors a/c. So if I were using Sage One, I would have to record the debtor a/c outside of the a/cs package - ridiculous.

3) I also think (am waiting for confirmation from Sage), that if we receive a cheque paying multiple, say 3 invoices, you must split the payment into 3 and post each one individually as the only way to post receipts/payments to a debtor/creditor account is against a specific invoice.

3) Similar problems on the suppliers side.

Given the current economic circumstances, cash recording is critical for everyone.  Sage One does not cope with this at all and so the above are, for me, deal breakers, I will not be using it or recommending it in it's current form.  I have been in contact with Sage support and they are referring back to the software developers.

To launch Sage One in this format is to me a major fail on the part of Sage.  Surely further testing would have highlighted this issues.  I can't be the only one!!!



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25th Jan 2014 14:48

Sage One



I have tried Sage One Extra for a client and there are still huge issues with it. Terribly behind where it should be by now.  I have had to abandon using it and revert to Sage Line 50 otherwise we will never get the data on in time to run the tax return. 

Take a very close look before recommending clients at present. 


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