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Sage One Budgets and Cashflow

How best to run monthly cashflow budgets alongside Sage One

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My client uses Sage One for their accounts, but also uses an excel spreadsheet to manage their cashflow. The Cashbook Report is downloaded from Sage for each bank account then each line is coded to produce the cashflow report.

Does anyone know of any software which allows easy cashflow budgeting which can work with Sage One so that budgeted v actual cashflow reports can be created with as little manual intervention as possible?

Thank you

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
16th Aug 2019 15:58

This is the big drawback with Sageone as they were so late to the party with 3rd party apps.

I am not aware of any of the major reporting apps that will link directly with Sageone and you will have to use the spreadsheet upload option to use it with Spotlight etc.

If you client is wanting extra services like this and cashflow management is key I would move him to Xero or QBO then you can take your pick of 10+ reporting apps to choose from that will do the job.

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Chris Downing
By Chris Downing
16th Aug 2019 16:55

Give me a couple of weeks and I should have some good news on this front

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By johnt27
22nd Aug 2019 10:41

Ahhh, Sage One the Tonka toy of cloud accounting apps.

Take Glennsy's advice and shift to a more appropriate app.

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