Sage or Brightpearl? Any opinions?

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Is anyone familiar with Brightpearl and how it compares to Sage 50?

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By mg200
25th May 2018 06:46

Brightpearl is an inventory / accounting software which specialises in ECommerce.

It has been specifically designed for multi sales channel commerce business. This is typically a client who sells via thier own website (using Magento/Shopify) and Amazon, ebay as well as their own shop.

I cannot compare to Sage 50 as I haven't used it for 10 years but does Sage integrate with these Sales Channels?

If you are an ecommerce company with budget of c£300 per month minimum then I would recommend Brightpearl on the basis that you have the resources to implement properly.

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By mirumanee
25th May 2018 08:36

Thanks, I'd be interested to here from anyone who has used Brightpearl and Sage 50. We are considering both for expansion of a company and in particular how links to EDI systems can make invoice entry easier.

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Replying to mirumanee:
By mg200
25th May 2018 17:59

I used to be a Sage Line 50 reseller. I now have one client still using it. We started with about 100 using it. Does Sage actually integrate with Magento, Amazon, Ebay etc?

Brightpearl was created to solve the problem that SAge and others could not deliver. All your orders automate into BP, your warehouse staff can receive inventory on PO's and fulfil the sales orders - so your stock and margin are accounted for in real time.

Your sales orders are automatically invoiced and your customer card/paypal receipts are applied automatically. Leaving your bookkeeper to match purchase invoices to the PO's, import bank statements and reconcile the banks.

It's very valuable software if you implement it correctly.

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